The best wardrobe begins with the right basics!

That’s why PLOPHERZ (owned by sisters, Florence & Jennifer) constitutes a collection that is a must in every wardrobe; a collection comprising indispensable and at the same time trendy items, each of which form an attractive foundation for every wardrobe.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

♥ inner top
CB- Flutter Sleeveless top (pink on model)
[IDR 140.000,-]
L.dada : 88cm
Panjang : 75cm

♥ outwear
CB- Knitted Buttermilk Cardi (purple on model)
[IDR 110.000,-]
Panjang : 83cm

♥ Legging
CB- Rose Print legging
[IDR 95.000,-]
L.pinggang : 60-75cm


♥ tank
CB- Strap Bow Front tank (sky blue)
[IDR 90.000,-]
L.dada : maks 88cm

♥ jacket
CB- Olive Leather Jacket
[IDR 265. 000,-]
L.dada : up to 90cm

♥ skirt
CB- paneled denim skirt (blue on model)
[IDR 120.000,-]
Pjg : 40cm
Available in M/L
M, L.pinggang : 65-75cm
L, L.pinggang : 76- 85cm


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